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Wednesday, February 28th,



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Join us for a FUN evening with lots of SALSA Dancing, Master Class from World Recognized Dance Teachers, Light Alcohol Beverages, Snacks and lot more.


During Salsa Dance evening, you will get to meet fellow students and be instructed alongside with them by an individual instructor. The group class will focus on a predetermined Salsa Dance style, set of steps/patterns, and will flow at a general pace to cover all the material that is meant to be covered for the class.

It's a great night out with your sweetheart doing something fun and new that you can enjoy together! Dancing is a great way to reignite the flame with your partner or someone you never met before!  

Bring One Friend for FREE!

Dance lessons are a fun and physical activity

Does the gift recipient want to start a new physical activity or be more active? Dance lessons are a great way to get low-impact movement into your normal exercise routine and have fun while doing it! It’s also a great way to meet new people and pick up a new hobby, all at the same time.

Dance with your loved ones

The gift of dance can work for just about everyone in your life, and better yet, you can dance together. Want to learn a new step with a friend? Want to practice a routine for an upcoming event? Give them dance lessons or classes as a gift! This way you have a chance to get in on the fun too!

Practice before the big day

If you know a couple getting married in the new year, giving them dance lessons can be a wonderful gift. At US Dance Company, we can help a couple prepare for their first dance as a married couple! We’ll choreograph something special and unique to them.


Dancing is a great activity year-round! If you’re trying to think of a gift to give, consider giving the gift of dance classes and lessons with us at US Dance Company.

Your friends and family will thank you!

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20621 Westheimer Pkwy, Katy TX 77450

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