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Help Ukrainian
Mothers and Children
May 8th, 4-7pm

More than 197 children died, more than 351 were badly injured, more than 1000 kidnapped during Russian invasion to Ukraine. This is official statistics and the real situation is much worse.

We are making the project to support children and women of Ukraine who were assaulted and are still being assaulted by Russian invaders in Ukraine.

All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Foundation that supports children of Ukraine.

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Please join us at US Dance Company/ Dance With Stars Academy:

20621 Westheimer Pkwy, Katy,

TX 77450

May 8 from 4-7 pm.

You will have multiple opportunities to donate: by purchasing concert tickets, participating in raffles, an auction with rare artifacts and delicious food and beverages.

Please come and use the opportunity to do your part in standing with the children of Ukraine.

To purchase tickets and for the details

call us at:





Early bird: on/before April, 30th- $50,

On/before May, 7- $70,

At the door- $90,

Teens under 16y.o.- $35,

Kids under 12y.o.- Free.

For Ukrainian Refugees- Free Admission*

*Please, call us to register at the Invitation list.

Payment options:



100% of proceeds from this event will go directly to the Foundation that supports children of Ukraine.

Organizers & Partners:

-Oksana Martinez;

-Katerina Kuznetsova (US-Dance Company);

-Juliana Malysheva (Dance With Stars Academy);

-Lena Shev;

-Olga Vlasova (Luxury Day Spa);

-Adila Musayeva (Luxury Day Spa).

-US-Dance Company: Katerina Kuznetsova & Maksym Zalizniuk (Pro dance show);

-Dance With Stars Academy: Vitaliia Karlova (Junior dance show);

-Alexander & Edita (Singers);

-Forest Brothers Group;

-Kinder High School for the Performing & Visual Arts (Choir).

-Ladies Love Flowers: Maryna Lasseigne;

-Natalia Kachanova (paintings);

-Kingdom Bakery;

-Sweettraditions: Iryna Kulagina;

-Krystal Espinor, Malachi Osai, Hellen Rosh (admins)

FREE Registration for Ukrainian Refugees

Дякуємо за реєстрацію! До зустрічі!

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